EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd
an inclusive & holistic approach to infrastructure decision-making
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EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd is primarily focussed on working closely with key stakeholders to enable their informed decision-making in the areas of infrastructure - strategy, policy, investment and associated change management. All types of infrastructure are included – from ‘hard’ infrastructure ( such as physical networks and associated assets, buildings, and equipment) through to ‘soft’ infrastructure (such as institutional arrangements, organisation structures and systems) together with associated interdependencies. Also all decision types – initial ‘start-up’ through to those targeted at productivity improvement of existing enterprises.


EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd advocates early engagement when the opportunity to influence the long-run (life cycle) cost of infrastructure is at its greatest. In simplified schematic form:

EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd enhances the opportunity to influence the long-run performance of infrastructure through active involvement of key stakeholders in conjunction with a range of techniques. These include use of Value Management within a Strategic Asset Management framework. In simplified schematic form:


EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd places initial emphasis in infrastructure investment decision making to translating business strategy into the underpinning service delivery system – incorporating logistics, transport & supply chain considerations. This involves functional and options analysis – inclusive of financing / funding and risk management aspects. Subsequent implementation of the infrastructure investment decision is promoted through having facilitated the active involvement of the key stakeholders – creating enhanced understanding and perceived ownership of the decision.


Collaborative Business Basis

EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd operates in collaboration with other enterprises. This enables the full spectrum of specialist skills to be made available to meet the needs of each particular consulting assignment. It also provides for a minimal cost structure and so maximises the value that can be provided to clients.

The relationships that underpin the collaboration with other enterprises are the result of the proactive professional networking by the Principal of EDAB Consulting Pty Ltd – Dr Neville Binning.

Dr Binning is a Civil Engineer with an MBA and PhD. He has 40 years of professional experience in the private and public sectors – including with the Australian Federal Government, Western Australian State and Local Governments. His detailed professional profile is available on Linked-In